Training the local private sector in Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technologies

The SHIPO SMART Centre Tanzania

The SMART Centre Tanzania is one of the units of the Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO). It is a training centre for local entrepreneurs in the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) sector. The role of the SMART Centre is to scale up the access to water and sanitation by means of building supply chains of innovative, cost-effective and market-based technologies and products. “SMART” stands for Simple, Market-based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies.

SMART Centre Tanzania contributes effectively to sustainable improvement in the living standards of poor people in Tanzania.

  • We have a range of 13 innovative low cost technologies so called SMARTechs.
  • We train the local private sector in production, maintenance of SMARTechs and also in business skills.
  • We do long term follow up on quality of our technologies.
  • We create a “Profit based sustainability” as water points with SMARTechs are low cost, spares are available and the local private sector will continue their business after training.
  • SMARTechs reduce cost of communal water supply and increase options for Self-supply (for example private wells) and Self-supply results in increased family incomes and food security.

SMART Centre pitch

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