Discovering Njombe and its people

During the months of January and February at SHIPO SMART Centre we have been discovering our surrounding in order to understand the system where we plan to work on the NjomBE BEyond project.

Through observations, interviews with local people and experts and secondary research we have got a few key insights:

Money and its influence:

  • Money is the main incentive for locals to participate in any business related initiative
  • Fees discourage people from participating in any sort of organisation, especially if they could previously participate for free
  • People crave for becoming entrepreneurs and for the freedom it brings (theoretically)

Plastic and its (re)uses

  • Creativity is there and people find many ways to use and reuse plastic items besides their initial purpose
Plastic bottles as home decoration

Buckets as plant pots

Environmental awareness

  • Awareness about the importance of the environment and the need to keep it clean is limited. In addition, when people are aware, they find it difficult to behave as they would like to because there are no means to do so. This is the result
  • Respected places (hospitals) and people (elderly people with a certain social status) are able to create awareness on others

The current solid waste management system (SWMS) is unsustainable

Social interactions

  • There is a generalised lack of trust on each other (outside family) and thus, a big need to command and control
  • Music and football gather many people around

With these insights and our design challenge in mind we were able to generate the specific questions for the next phase: ideation.

unaiDiscovering Njombe and its people