Giving birth to Deusto

We are very happy to have the first plastic recycling machine among us. Hongera! It is an injection machine and it is called Deusto! Check it out:

It was not a complicated delivery, but still, it had its small hurdles.

Before the hospital admission

As good parents do, we got ready for this inflection point in our life. We made sure that the material resources, human knowledge and skills were ready for the delivery to take place.

Hospital admission and delivery

We were in hospital for a bit longer than 2 weeks. First, in the hands of Rachid and Abu, who put all our bones and joints in place. Although it was their first experience with this kind of machine, there were not many struggles in the process, besides a bent pipe that would not allow the smooth movement of the round bar within it.

Afterwards, the nervous system was set in a few days by Unai. The main unexpected event was a bandheater that exploded after we cut it and connected it to the power.

Once ready, Deusto was discharged from hospital and transported home, to SHIPO workshop.


It is more than a month since it arrived and during this time, Deusto, has been slowly and steadily learning, everyday a bit.

It is finding its place withing its environment, it is more stable than before, it is learning to play with friends such as molds, plastic, Philipo and Joseph, etc. and it is even becoming prettier, isnĀ“t it?

It had a single big accident in its life: its handle was broken, but luckily, Abu managed to heal it soon. Who did not have such an episode during their childhood?

And yes! As you could imagine, Deusto is already giving birth to small creatures. Some of these are prettier than others, still we love them all equally.

Hongera Njombe Beyond! Long live to Deusto!

unaiGiving birth to Deusto

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