Face Shields against COVID-19

Produced with a locally fabricated mould, these modular Face Shields are being used by health workers in Njombe

Coronavirus has also reached Tanzania and we felt that Njombe Beyond had to do something about it. After checking what the Precious Plastic community was doing during the pandemic, we asked several health centers whether face shields could be an interesting device for them. We got a positive answer from them since apparently they were lacking PPE suppliers, so we got to work on it.

Nadia Barelli, our designer from CEFA, developed a model for the visera mould which could be produced manually. And James Malekano, the amazing artisan, was the one who turned it into a reality. We had to do some adjustments so that it fit the injection machine and the plastic could flow properly into it. After those, we were ready to start!

Cassian, a young student from Njombe, has joined Bahati in the workshop temporarily during the face shield production. They are in charge of the injection process and post-processing: smoothing, making holes, putting the elastic and attaching the screen. The face shields are modular and designed to last long time. They can be easily disassembled: once the screen or the elastic need to be changed, a new one can be placed within seconds. If required, it is possible to attach a sponge on the front.

We got a very positive feedback from health centers and the face shields are already being acquired by hospitals and individuals around Njombe town at an affordable price.

Our plan is to promote the Face shields in further areas of Njombe region and bring them to health centers where they are in need of them.

Every six months

Leire DiezFace Shields against COVID-19

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