Giving birth to Maendeleo

We are very proud and happy to present the newest machine in Njombe Beyond workshop! MAENDELEO, the compression machine!

As you can see, Maendeleo is quite simple: an oven on top of a structure with a car jack and a couple of metal sheets below. However, it´s delivery has not been as simple as one could think.

Purchasing the components

One could think that buying an oven is a simple process: you go to the shop, you check what is there, you browse some online reviews and ask some friends, you compare the options you have and you buy one. Done. Even if one wanted to get a second hand oven (as we did), it shouldn´t be very difficult. However, this is Njombe and most people do not use ovens at home; thus, the supply of ovens is very limited. And the availability of second hand ovens, is even more limited.

After checking some shops and realising that a new oven would almost fully use up our planned budget for the machine (+ this ovens included stoves, which are totally unnecessary for us), we waited for the second hand shop to get an oven. And it did! A gas and electric oven!

After making some electronic adjustments so that it worked, we were ready to start building; finding the rest of the pieces was much easier than the oven.

Assembling everything

Bahati, Njombe Beyond´s workshop “boss”, was in charge of building the machine. But that was not a problem for someone who has studied metal working at college.

After painting it, the machine was ready to be presented to the world. But we were still missing the most important: a name!


While all the previous activities were going on, we communicated with Ana, the donor in charge of choosing this machine´s name. She wanted an inspiring name in the local language, Swahili; a name that meant hope and moving forward. Maendeleo means growth, improvement. We find it a beautiful name and we are looking forward to grow and move forward. Hongera Njombe Beyond!

unaiGiving birth to Maendeleo

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