Hand washing facilities for 10 health centres in Mbozi District

The SMART Centre Group, through its COVID-19 response funding program, has brought improved hand-washing facilities to 10 health centres in Mbozi district, Songwe region.

When the first COVID-19 cases were reported in Tanzania, the major worry of the SHIPO team working in Mbozi was: how is the local community going to protect themselves against the virus if is not even possible to wash hands in the health centres? The virus kept extending along the country and it reached Mbozi. As part of their program in 20 schools, SHIPO team carried out awareness raising campaigns along the district on the virus. But the dispensaries were still counting on simple buckets for hand-washing.

Thanks to the SMART Centre Group, SHIPO received funds to support some of the dispensaries in Mbozi. The improved hand-washing facilities were built at Mlowo, the biggest town in Mbozi district. After checking them at the District Medical Officer’s Office, they were handed over to the District administration and distributed to health centres by SHIPO: Magamba, Iwalanje disp, Iyenga, Isansa, Itumpi, Igamba, Sambewe, Lungwa, Hatelele and Nansama.

The ten facilities are in use since August although not all the centres have access to water within their premises: only three of them have water supplied to the dispensary (they got it through Mbozi Farmers Livelihood Initiative project); the rest count on water that they fetch from the nearby surroundings. SHIPO team in Mbozi is working hard to bring some changes in the area, keep it up!

Lastly, a small part of these funds was used to promote the Face Shields produced in our plastic recycling workshop: several samples were sent to different hospitals in Njombe and other regions and the registration fee of the product under TMDA was covered.

Leire DiezHand washing facilities for 10 health centres in Mbozi District

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