Mpechi Secondary School visits the SMART Centre

Form 3 and 4 students from Mpechi Secondary school had the chance to visit SHIPO, talk about environmental problems and see the different SMARTechs.

One of the goals of the SHIPO SMART Centre is to create awareness on environmental problems among the local community and what best than starting with young generations?

We invited around 120 form 3 and form 4 students from Mpechi Secondary school to SHIPO during two days. We started the visit with an open discussion and a presentation on environmental problems in Njombe, pollution and solutions to overcome it. After this, Queen and Guydon, interns from Ardhi University, guided the students around the demo-plot and the workshop to explain them about different SMARTechs and to relate them to some of the environmentally-friendly solutions they had talked about before: the ceramic and bio-sand filters, the pumps and wells, the drip irrigation kits, the greenhouse, the plastic recycling machines and products, etc. The students had the chance to operate the plastic injection machine and produce a letter and tried some fresh organic tomatoes from the greenhouse.

The students enjoyed the visit and according to their teacher “it is a good chance for those who are about to finish school to get to know different projects and opportunities that they can implement”.

We believe on the impact of this kind of events in environmental awareness raising and in the promotion of the SMARTechs . We are looking forward to receiving students from other schools in Njombe!

Leire DiezMpechi Secondary School visits the SMART Centre

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