Municipal climate partnership launches in Njombe

SHIPO SMART Centre is supporting Njombe Town Council and Njombe District in the Municipal Climate Partnership with Njombe┬┤s German municipal partner, Miltenberg.

The goal of the Municipal Climate Partnership is that Njombe district and Miltenberg develop a joint climate change adaptation and mitigation program of action.

Over the following two years Njombe and Miltenberg, supported by Engagement Global and LAG 21 NRW, will work together to establish the communication and working structures and to design the programmes of action. The subsequent steps of implementation and continuous development will continue for as long as the climate partnership exists. We hope it last forever!

Due to Covid19, field visits to Germany and Tanzania have been postponed and the work is being carried out online. So far, besides establishing the working and communication structures, we have started the baseline review in order to understand the situation in both districts, to invite key stakeholders to participate and to spot the key areas of action.

At SHIPO SMART Centre we are very excited by the possibility to work in this partnership and take some steps towards a climate friendly Njombe. Hongera!

unaiMunicipal climate partnership launches in Njombe