Njombe Beyond at Mbeya Innovation Week 2021

Last week Njombe Beyond team traveled to Mbeya to exhibit at the Mbeya Innovation Week.

With the “Innovation for a resilient and vibrant digital economy” slogan, the Innovation Week, which started on Monday 17th of May and ended on the 22nd, took place in several locations across Tanzania.

The schedule in Mbeya included a number of events such as workshops, panel discussions or hackathons. As in previous occasions Njombe Beyond team travelled with Deusto to Mbeya to spend 4 days at the exhibition area. We shared the space with other innovators on sectors such as food, house appliances, water supply or clothing.

Visitors of different ages, including a big number of secondary students, came to the exhibition area and could see an touch the plastic recycled products, understand the recycling process with a live example or discuss collaboration opportunities. A big percentage of visitors, as well as our fellow exhibitors, had a technical background; this sparked interesting conversation around the recycling technology.

On the last day, Mbeya´s newly appointed Regional Commissioner paid a visit to the exhibitors and Bahati had the chance to present Njombe Beyond´s activities.

unaiNjombe Beyond at Mbeya Innovation Week 2021

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