World Clean-Up Day 2021

Last Saturday, we joined 16 regions in Tanzania and 180 countries all over the world to make our planet a cleaner place and raise awareness on plastic pollution and the urgency to go towards a zero waste planet.

In Njombe, 50 volunteers (and some goats) gathered to collect 663 kg of waste from Mgendela street and fill in a truck. We were delighted to have with us young generations passionate about the environment.

We also conducted a Waste Audit and Brand Audit (WABA) to gather data on the most abundant types of waste and the brands behind them (check our data here). As in our previous WABA, we found out that PET beverage bottles and caps are the most abundant items in the collected waste. The good news is that the top polluters are local companies; therefore, we expect that the advocacy work which will follow this research will lead to the desired changes.

Thanks to all who joined SHIPO team to make it possible: Roots and Shoots Njombe, CEFA, Njombe Town Council, the Scouts Groups, Nipe Fagio and all the organizations and passionate people around Tanzania conducting the clean-up in the other 44 sites around the country. Hongereni sana!

Leire DiezWorld Clean-Up Day 2021

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