The SMART Approach assessment is ongoing!

For the past months at SHIPO SMART Centre we have been busy collecting data for the assessment that IRC is conducting on the impact of the SMART Centre approach.

We have visited 120 wells in 3 districts in Njombe region: Njombe (rural) district, Makambako Town Council and Njombe Town Council and interviewed more than 200 users of those wells. In addition, focus group discussions have been conducted in 10 villages to get the points of view about the technologies and the access to water in different contexts.

The wells visited are of different ages, constructed with different technologies, with varied pump types, different types of ownership (community or owner, sponsored or paid) functioning and non-functioning, etc.

Data have been collected in Tanzania and Zambia and the CCAP SMART Centre in Malawi has been responsible for the survey design and data cleaning. Now it is IRCĀ“s turn: they will analyse all the data and finalize the assessment.

We look forward to the conclusions of this assessment!

Leire DiezThe SMART Approach assessment is ongoing!

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