Nane nane exhibition week 2022

Nane Nane Day, on 8th August (8-8 in Swahili), is a day to celebrate the recognition of important contribution of farmers to the Tanzania’s national economy.

It is always held in a week starting from 1st to 8th August where the celebrations are finalized. Also, the celebrations take place in several regions in Tanzania, as for 2022 the exhibition took place nation-wide in Mbeya. On 1st August 2022, the vice president of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Dr. Philip Isdor Mpango opened the exhibition of Nane Nane celebrations and on 8th August 2022 the president of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan finalized the exhibition of Nane Nane celebrations in John Mwakangale grounds at Mbeya City.

Njombe Beyond team joined the people from Njombe Rural District Council in the Council’s exhibition space where different stakeholders from rural Njombe were displaying their products and activities.

During Nanenane, Njombe beyond team had brought some of the products like the alphabets from A-Z, hexagonal blocks, some samples of the types of plastic used to produce the products, circular sheets, tangram, face shields and keyholders.

The main aim for attending the Nane Nane exhibition was to create awareness to the people who attended and visited our shed about the importance of keeping the environment clean and how this relates to  this year´s Nane Nane slogan: “AJENDA 10/30; KILIMO NI BIASHARA JIANDAE KUHESABIWA KWA MIPANGO BORA YA KILIMO, UVUVI NA UFUGAJI” (AGENDER 10/30; AGRICULTURE IS A BUSINESS GET PREPARED TO BE COUNTED FOR BETTER PLANNING OF AGRICULTURE, FISHING AND LIVESTOCK):for farmers to work in a conducive environment ,it’s necessary for them to keep the environment clean and avoid the random disposal of plastics.

According to the Nane Nane schedule we did several activities which included answering questions which were asked by people, performed a demo on how to produce the letters and hexagonal tiles by the injection machine and give an explanation to people about what we are involved with and even sold some of our products.

Placing a board with the slogan written with letters which we produced at our workshop.
Performing a demo with Deusto (the injection machine)
Preparing orders for different customers

Findings in Nane Nane

During Nane Nane we found that few people were aware of this knowledge of plastic.Others were interested in the machine, in the products and some suggested other products which can be made from plastics. Some visitors were also interested in starting the plastic business and asked for a start-up guide on how to.

Next steps

After Nane Nane, the Njombe Beyond team started to receive visitors who were at Mbeya and wanted to learn more about our plastic project at our workshop here in Njombe. We are also working on their ideas and promise them that Nane Nane of next year is going to be great.

A word of appreciation

We would like to thank Mr. Simon Chatanda who is the agricultural officer of Njombe Rural DC for his support during the whole week. We are extending our gratitude to the whole Njombe Rural DC family who showed us great collaboration and participation at Mbeya. They were so kind, loving and generous indeed. And through their cooperation Njombe rural district council was the second runner in all councils at Nane Nane nationwide.

Njombe Rural District Council family
unaiNane nane exhibition week 2022

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