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Some time ago, Njombe Beyond started to issue plastic credits in Empower platform.

How it works

Empower helps everyone in the plastic recycling value chain to keep track of their plastic flows through a tracking app. In our case we keep track of the plastic waste we collect, the plastic waste we buy, the plastic waste we process and the plastic waste we sell in the form of products. We do also keep track of the mixed waste we collect during clean ups.

Plastic credits are issued when we add data about the plastic (type, status, weight, etc.) together with pictures and receipts when it changes hand (i.e. we sell or buy). All this information is kept in a blockchain, ensuring its transparency and verifiability. Credits are bought by organisation or individuals who want to “offset” their plastic waste generation. Go get yours!

1 credit = 1kg of plastic waste collected


We are a small workshop and we are still improving everything we do: collection, processing and marketing. Although we are not recycling at full capacity we have already issued 646 credits and sold over 300 of them.

The additional income we get through credits brings us closer to being an economically sustainable recycling workshop. In addition, the platform is a good tool to know how we are doing in terms of processing and helps us being organized.

If you want to learn more about our experience drop us a line or contact´s friendly staff! Njombe Beyond with plastic credits

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