Recycled plastic in sustainable building construction

Emanuel Jicmon spent a bit more than a week at Njombe Beyond´s workshop producing some prototypes with recycled plastic for the building construction system he has designed.

First, he produced two moulds with James and then he started the testing with Maendeleo, our compression machine.

Below, you can find a bit about his project.

Emanuel Jicmon, an architect from Italy, is experimenting with “Chameleon Joint,” a revolutionary sustainable building construction system made of bamboo and recyclable plastic.

After researching local resources, the concept was conceived during a volunteering travel in Tanzania with the Venite e Vedrete Onlus non-profit organization.

On the one hand, there is industrial-sized plastic waste for which recycling or collecting systems are inefficient, and on the other, there is bamboo, whose rapid growth helps in the fight against deforestation and the accumulating CO2 in the atmosphere.

The goal of the study is to develop a structural joint made of recycled plastic and reinforced with local natural sisal fibers that will enable the simultaneous connecting of many bamboo canes creating a truss beam construction system. The building system’s adaptability and flexibility enable the structure to be gradually increased or decreased by adding or removing dry-mounted structural components.

 After the testing phase is completed, a market that supports the regional economy of small farmers will be established, involving them into a circular economy process.”

At Njombe Beyond we are delighted to collaborate with passionate people like Emanuel. We hope that he comes back soon for the next steps in his project, karibu tena!

unaiRecycled plastic in sustainable building construction

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