About us


We work to solve local challenges on WASH and waste sectors


Increasing options and ensuring a strong base and environment for commercial replication of SMART (Simple, Market based, Affordable, Repairable Technologies) WASH and waste technologies in Tanzania

The SMART approach aims to:

– Reduce cost of access to SMARTechs

– Ensure a high functionality: locally produced & locally repaired

– Ensure well owners make a productive use of them: irrigation, livestock, water for neighbours, etc.

– Create demand for SMARTechs through showcase areas

– Help the development of businesses who deploy SMARTechs


Spreading of SMARTechs

Provide technical training, business support and certification services that ensure good quality products. Build up supply chains of market based products

Awareness raising

Increase market demand by promotion and by making SMART technologies a profit based sustainable option


Advocate for low cost WASH technologies and certification at District, Regional and National Level

Our team

Eugenia Kimaro, the Head of the SMART Centre Tanzania, coordinates the Drink & Donate SKAT training. She comes from Moshi, Kilimanjaro and has a background in Environmental Engineering.

Leire Díez is coordinating the NjomBE BEyond project. She comes from Bilbao, Spain and has a background in Environmental Engineering.  

Previous team members

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