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Long lasting rope pumps

Back in 2004, during one of the first SHIPO SMART Centre trainings, this rope pump was built at Mahalule primary school in Nyombo village. After 15 years the well is still working with the same rope pump, only the piston rope has been changed. Pupils use the water from the borehole for drinking, washing and watering the garden: the avocado trees around it are watered with this well.

At Saba Saba primary school, in Njombe, they know how to take care and maintain their precious rope pump. In fact, it is in the Top3 of the oldest rope pumps in Tanzania. However, it is also clear that some pupils are more skilled than others on pumping water 🙂
The problem for this young boy is that the axle level needs to be adjusted to the user´s bellybutton level or a convenient platform should be place to adjust the height of the user.

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